"Yaanma’s vision is to nurture and grow Indigenous leaders in the facility services industry.  Beyond providing sustainable platforms for employment, we believe in guiding Indigenous Australians’ to their full potential by providing pathways to executive upper management. "



Our approach to delivering facility services always surrounds client and community care, we aim to deliver the highest quality service with a positive impact on the economic and social development of communities.

Our vision is kept strong and motivated by our Indigenous Development Goals:

All staff complete a vigorous 3 phase induction process; Yaanma Company Induction, Contract Induction and Site Specific Induction. Staff are qualified to completed the tasks allocated and regularly receive onsite training and refresher courses. 

Our Capabilities

Our Capability Statement outlines how the Yaanma business is set to deliver customer excellence with our quality services, trained, dedicated staff and industry knowledge. However, our mission extends beyond this with constant dedication to the growth and development of Indigenous communities.

Capability Statement